I Up-Cycled my Tiffany Bags Thanks to A Pinterest Project

I Up-Cycled my Tiffany Bags Thanks to A Pinterest Project

If you are like me you spend numerous hours on Pinterest pinning fashion, recipes and craft projects that never see the light of day.

A few days ago, I came across a project that seemed easy enough for me to handle–those of you who frequent my blog are aware that I can come up with an idea but usually have to delegate it to someone else to execute.

The photo you see in the lower right hand corner was the pin. I have plenty of Tiffany blue bags kicking around and I thought this would be a great way to put them to use! I am sure my husband will be happy to see some of them leave our house and head to my office at work.

Yesterday I headed to my local A.C. Moore store and bought a magnetic white board, pretty aqua sparkly ribbon tape and sticky magnets to place on the back of the bags. I used the sparkly ribbon tape to make a border around the white board. I plan to place pens, sticky notes and other items I use at work in the bags. Perfect storage space with a fashionable twist-I mean who doesn’t love the Tiffany blue hue! I also plan to mimic the Pinterest photo and purchase some fake flowers to put in one bag to add some color.

I was pretty happy with my end result and now I am telling everyone I “up-cycled” my Tiffany bags.

Do you have a Tiffany themed craft you’ve done? I would love to hear about it and see photos so please share away!

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