Doctor’s Prescription says Tiffany and Company

Doctor's Prescription says Tiffany and Company

Earlier this week I came down with the dreaded head cold- you know the one that makes your head feel like it weighs 100 pounds, makes your nose red and takes all your energy from you.

I stayed home from work and my lovely husband sent me a text asking if there was anything he could get to make me feel better. I saw this as an opportunity. I have been eyeing the Tiffany and Company beach towel for quite some time and have decided before the start of our official summer I will own it!

I quickly replied well the doctor wrote a prescription for the Tiffany beach towel and said it would automatically make me feel better. He didn’t find it as humorous as I did, but he gave me an “A” for effort.

I took it another step and located a false, blank doctor’s prescription template online. I printed it off and filled in the prescription for the beach towel so I could hand it to him when he came home!

He couldn’t help but laugh. I’m creative and persuasive perhaps it’s the reporter in me! Either way I can’t wait to share the post for the day I actually get the towel.

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