Easter Ham with A Side of Tiffany Blue

Easter Ham with A Side of Tiffany Blue

On Sunday, my husband and I celebrated Easter with his family. It’s been a brutal winter in Maine so the 50 degree temps felt a lot warmer than usual and actually gave us some hope that spring and summer are on their way.

Tiffany blue is a perfect spring and summer color. Who am I kidding, I find a way to work it into my wardrobe even in fall and winter.

I happened to be browsing through Old Navy and found the adorable and comfortable shirt style dress with some Tiffany blue hue in it. I purchased it knowing it would make the perfect Easter Dress.

I took my accessories to the next level and layered three bracelets, wore my horseshoe necklace and rocked some Tiffany and Company sunglasses.

I would say this outfit was perfect for any Tiffany-a-holics out there like myself. We could have worse obsessions, right?

I also found a great excuse to dye Easter eggs by inviting my nephew over to do it with me. It seems a lot more practical to have a 4-year-old dye eggs than a 28-year-old.

I tried to get creative and make the perfect Tiffany and Company themed egg. While I would give myself an A for effort, probably only a B for execution. Its the thought that counts right?
You can see for yourself in the photo I included.

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