Not Everyone “Gets it” So When you Find a Fellow Tiffany and Company Companion it’s Awesome

Most people in life have their own “thing” something they love. This may be a sport or a video game or in my case a jewelry store brand.

My hometown is very small and therefore my love of Tiffany and Company isn’t always understood or is mistaken the wrong way.

I won’t plead my argument because I did that in a prior post, however, it always helps when you find someone via social media that can relate to you and gets your “thing.”

Recently I was lucky enough to find someone at my local gym who like me loves Tiffany and Company jewelry and has quite the collection. Just like myself, she has been faced with the haters or people who misunderstand you for a bragging, high maintenance person.

Since exchanging cell numbers we often text back and forth. Today’s text made me smile and came at the perfect time (it was a bad weekend). She shared what she was wearing and I of course texted back my Tiffany and Company arm candy.

So Lisa, this post is for you. Thanks for being as ridiculously obsessed as I am! I love having someone to talk with about it!

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