Trip to NYC means a visit to Tiffany and Company


I am lucky to have work take me to several places, NYC being one of them! I can’t go to New York without stopping at the flagship store of Tiffany and Company on fifth avenue!

This trip I didn’t have plans to purchase any items because I had just gotten three new pieces for my birthday! However, I brought some jewelry with me to have cleaned and wanted my diamond steamed as well!

Upon arriving on the sixth floor, their customer service floor I was pleasantly greeted and asked if I would like any hot cocoa, coffee or tea! It was cold outside so I was happy to have the offer!

I was sad to find out a diamond from one of my wedding bands had fallen out! The kind lady assured me they could fix it and hopefully have it to me within a week! I was sad to have to leave my diamond and wedding bands in NYC but it’s given me a great reason to wear the Tiffany notes I love you ring my now husband bought me when we were dating!

If you are like me, you could spend hours and hours inside that store! The beauty, elegance and service is one of
a kind!

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