Thank you to my followers!

I was excited to check my blog stats today and see I have surpassed 20,000 views! I owe a big thank you to all my followers.

When I started this blog less than 2 years ago I wanted a place to creatively write and share my love for Tiffany and Company. Prior to starting this blog I had no idea the other people across the world who shared the same interest with me.

Not everyone “gets” my slight obsession with this brand so it’s always nice to read emails and comments supporting my blog.

When someone questions me about it, I always say some people like sports or video games or hunting…I just prefer jewelry that comes in a beautifull wrapped Tiffany blue box.

I’m also surprised how easy it is to find new content to write about since I am sticking with all Tiffany themed posts. Life has gotten a little busier this year now that I am going for my masters in communication, but I hope to write at least three new posts a week.

Until next time…happy shopping! xoxo

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