Here’s to another birthday filled with Tiffany boxes

My birthday is coming up, this Friday I will be celebrating and then on Saturday my husband and I, along with some friends will head to Boston for a birthday weekend trip.

A trip to Boston, obviously means a trip to the Tiffany and Company store. I love to explore and try on different jewelry items and pick which ones I want. I celebrated my birthday early with my parents and they bought me a lovely necklace off my wish list!

Do you have a favorite birthday memory? Does it involve Tiffany and Company? Please share, I would love to hear about it.

5 thoughts on “Here’s to another birthday filled with Tiffany boxes

  1. I’m from the UK (I follow you on Instagram – Expectmiracles) and my first Tiffany piece was bought for me on my 27th birthday in Sydney, one of my favourite cities in the world. It was in 2010 on a round the world trip part of which I did with my then boyfriend.

    I’d decided I wanted my first Tiffany piece and it was a special birthday as I turned 27 on the 27th of Feb. I was bought the sterling silver Return to Tiffany lock necklace and I don’t think I took it off the rest of the trip. That will always be a special piece for me xx

    1. Clare thanks for sharing this story with me! I always love to hear how special a piece of Tiffany jewelry is to others and the significance behind it! Thanks for checking out my blog and following me on Instagram!

  2. My first piece was also a Return to Tiffany’s! For our 10th anniversary my husband took my to Tiffany’s and let me pick something out. I chose the double heart tag, and I wear it all the time – sometimes as a long chain and sometimes I double up the chain and wear it closer to my collar. I LOVE the iconic blue, and I love that it was engraved – I was hooked immediately!

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