Dreaming of Summer and my Jitney Tote

Dreaming of Summer and my Jitney Tote

I have never been a fan of Maine winters, it’s beautiful here in the summer but winters can be brutal. This particular winter has been worse than recent years.

I of course have found myself daydreaming of sunny, pool-side days. I can’t think of summer without my Tiffany and Company jitney bag. I am sure most of you know the story behind the name but for those of you who don’t…the jitney is what takes New Yorkers who don’t drive themselves to the Hamptons in the summer.

My husband bought me the tote for Christmas last year and I am in love with it. I travel for work quite a bit and it’s my go-to carry on bag.

It can hold a lot of items and you can’t beat the signature Tiffany blue color, plus you can have it monogrammed.

9 thoughts on “Dreaming of Summer and my Jitney Tote

  1. Can I ask how this bag holds up wear-wise? I debated getting this one last Christmas, but instead chose the silver flat wristlet. I can’t remember how much of the bag is canvas and how much is leather, but I was worried about it getting dirty. Do they clean their bags (like Coach)?

      1. Hello! I love mine! I’ve had it for two years now and it’s still in great shape! I travel a lot for work and use it as my carry on bag! They can clean it for around $150!

  2. Ok… one more question… I think I saw somewhere that you said this tote comes in a huge box. I’m flying to NYC and back, and I’m worried that not going to have anywhere to put the box on my return trip – and I want to keep my box! I’m starting to think I should buy the tote at my local Tiffany’s instead, but that takes a little of the fun out of walking out of the NYC store with a giant bag… LOL.

    1. Yes the box mine came in was fairly big you woukd have to bring it as a carry on most likeky. I think i posted a photo of the box in instagram i will tag you so you can see!

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