The Misconception that comes along with the Tiffany and Company Brand

The Misconception that comes along with the Tiffany and Company Brand

Just recently, @forevertiffanyandco asked me to post a photo of my entire Tiffany jewelry and accessories collection on Instagram so she could share it. I thoroughly enjoy looking through the Tiffany hashtags and following others who share a love for the brand that I do.

I think sometimes, those of us with this passion are misread and/or judged. Those who are not familar with the brand see it and think $$$, while yes they have plenty of pieces of jewelry that are extremely expensive and out of my price range, they also have items that are reasonably priced. I am a fan of their silver jewelry collection. I have pieces ranging from $125 to $450. Some may be surprised, my argument is always you can buy pieces of jewelry at Zales or Kays for just as much if not more. I bought my mom a Pandora charm that was $50, you on average have 3-5 charms on one bracelet and if you do the math that can equal the cost of some of my Tiffany pieces.

I also had some comments about registering for my wedding at Tiffany and Company. I had one item on my registry that totaled $240 and the remaining items ranged from $20 to $125. I was also registered at Macys and had items just as expensive on that list.

Some may find this love I have for Tiffany and Company as bragging, but for me it’s not the case. I fell in love with the store after receiving my first gift from my parents as a senior in high school! I know people who are obsessed with video games or guns, those can get expensive too and I don’t place judgement.

In this world where social media is taking over and can be seen as negative, I am thankful for it, I have made connections with people I never would have because of our shared interest in Tiffany and Company.

I pondered for a bit if I should continue with my blog, am I sending the wrong message? What are people saying? I then came to the conclusion, I am who I am and if someone doesn’t like it, I’m probably better off not having them in my close circle. My husband was instrumental in this pep talk, along with my two close friends Katie and Jillian. They all said you shouldn’t stop something because a few people are negative about it. My husband was also quick to point out, I work hard for everything I have and many people have far worse vices.

If anyone reading this post gets one thing out of it, it’s don’t be so quick to judge or assume something. Thank you to all those other Tiffany lovers and an even bigger thank you to my followers!

2 thoughts on “The Misconception that comes along with the Tiffany and Company Brand

  1. I totally agree! I only have a few pieces, but a small part of me worries that I’m being viewed as “snobbish” because I love it so much. Truth is, I don’t wear a lot of jewelry, and I don’t change up what I do have very often. The Tiffany items I own were mainly purchased with gift cards my husband receives from his many flights on Delta and cashing in our credit card reward points. 🙂 Tiffany on!

    1. Thanks for the comment! That’s the great thing about Tiffany items, they go with pretty much anything so uou don’t need to change them out! I’m happy to hear you have some of the same worries as me!

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