Once Again…5 Stars on Customer Service

Once Again...5 Stars on Customer Service

This post is similar to a few others I have shared before. But in society these days, I think it’s important to appreciate great customer service because we have all been somewhere that it was lacking.

I was recently in Los Angeles for work, so I ofcourse headed to Rodeo Drive and visited the Tiffany and Company there. I wanted to have my diamond cleaned and look around for some holiday gifts and a special something for myself.

I quickly went to the top floor and dropped my ring off in the service department and let the man know I would return after I did some browsing in store.

A lovely woman assisted me with my browsing, when I explained what I was looking for she quickly located it and helped me make a few other decisions, she asked if I was a local or visiting and once I explained I was there on a work trip she went on to ask where I call home. It’s always nice when a sales associate can carry on easy conversation with you while shopping and not come off as being pushy!

Before I had time to pay, the service man had located me and returned my newly cleaned and sparkling ring to me.

I left the store very pleased, however, only a few days later I received what this in my inbox. A personal touch goes a long way.

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