A Simple Thank-You Can Go A Long Way!

A Simple Thank-You Can Go A Long Way!

I’m sure we all sometimes in life feel we are constantly doing and giving and not getting much gratitude in return.

If I’ve learned one thing in jobs post college, it’s that you don’t always hear from people when you are doing well, but instead when they are unhappy. While it’s important to receive that kind of feedback, it’s also nice to hear thank you or a job well done from time to time.

I understand I am a fan of Tiffany and Company and so to many they probably can’t do wrong in my eyes, however, there are plenty of other places I enjoy too and every locale has a different form of customer service.

However, Tiffany and Company take their customer service to another level. I’ve received check-in letters/emails etc which is a kind gesture.

I decided it was my turn to send a thank you to their customer service and insert a few wedding photos too. After all, they had a lot to do with my wedding.

It was nice to receive an email back and hear how appreciative they were to receive the gratitude.

Like the title of this post says, simple things can go a long way, especially a Thank you.

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