Sneak Peek at Our Engagement Photo Session

Sneak Peek at Our Engagement Photo Session

Yesterday we were finally able to have our engagement photo session, after the weather forced us to cancel them the first time around.

Megan Casa of Megan Ashley Photography did the shoot and we had a blast. She and her assistant had some fun and creative ideas. Since we were going for a vintage theme, we went to the West End of Portland where we found tons of brick buildings.

I’ve included a sneak peek that she was nice enough to post for us from yesterday’s session. I can’t wait to see the rest!!

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Cut the Deck Please

Cut the Deck Please

Ben and I have been going back and forth on the wedding party gifts. We’ve had some ideas we’ve liked and others we haven’t.

He ran an idea by me the other day that I couldn’t pass on. Sticking with the Tiffany theme, he suggested getting the groomsmens Tiffany and Company playing cards, with their intials monogrammed.

We have a winner!!!

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Return to Tiffany, Please!

Return to Tiffany, Please!

So I’ve been slacking on the blogs because I’m been super busy lately, but also because I’ve kind of reached a stand still as far as the wedding planning goes. We have booked pretty much everything. However, I am always looking at bridesmaid dress possibilities and happened to come across this one yesterday.

I’ve emailed it to my fabulous wedding party and so far those that have responded love the dress! I’m waiting for the swatch to arrive so I can compare how closely it resembles the tiffany blue color.

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