Fairytales Do Come True….Especially When Tiffany and Company is Involved

Fairytales Do Come True....Especially When Tiffany and Company is Involved

I haven’t made a post in a few days, but I have a good excuse! It was a busy weekend and I returned to Maine from Boston engaged!

That beautiful picture your seeing is the most perfect engagement ring, a Tiffany and Company Princess Cut in a platinum setting!

My “fiance” crazy to say that, pulled out the stops. Here’s the backstory…ever since I watched Sweet Home Alabama and Patrick Dempsey proposed to Reese Witherspoon inside Tiffany and Company, I was hooked and thought it was so magical!

Remember that bet my then boyfriend made with me…well it was all a master scheme.

I did for the record, win the bet…..however the item I received was much bigger than I expected.

We entered the Tiffany and Company in Boston and was immediately helped! Next thing I know we are being escorted into a private room and there is a Tiffany box and then Ben is down on one knee! Obviously, I said yes!!!

Oh and a disclaimer, for my post about the secret trip. There is not secret getaway, that was to divert me, he’s sly ladies and gentlemen!

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